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TAPs are the only “Real 100% Network Access Technology”.

A Network TAP (Terminal Access Point)is typically a dedicated hardware or software(for VMs or cloud) device, which provides a way to access the data flowing across Network Infrastructure. In many cases, it is desirable for a third party to monitor the traffic between two points in the network. If the network between points A and B consists of a physical cable, a “network tap” may be the best way to accomplish this monitoring.

As the network traffic is growing, we need to see every single packets and errors. TAPs do not alter the time relationships of frames, spacing and response times especially important with VoIP and Triple Play analysis including FDX analysis, it is capable to pass the traffic from all Layers as it is.

Advantages of TAPs:

  1. TAPs do not introduce any additional jitter or distortion which is important in VoIP / Video analysis.
  2. TAP’s are timeless. They never need to down load or be upgraded, they do not have access to anything except the LAN they are monitoring.
  3. VLAN tags are not passed through the SPAN port so this can lead to false issues detected and difficulty in finding VLAN issues.
  4. TAPs do not groom data nor filter out errored packets.
  5. Short or large frames are not filtered.
  6. Bad CRC frames are not filtered.
  7. The interframe gap is not dropped nor altered.
  8. TAPs do not drop packets regardless of the bandwidth.
  9. TAPs are not addressable network devices and therefore cannot be hacked – High Security.
  10. TAPs have no setups or command line issues so getting all the data is assured and saves users any setup time. -They are Plug and Monitor 100%
  11. TAPs are completely passive and do not cause any distortion even on FDX and full bandwidth networks.
  12. Un-sampled export in NetFlow v5/v9 or IPFIX.
  13. Wire-speed, L2-L7 visibility, PCAPs when needed.

1. Optical Passive TAPs

Fiber Modular Chassis



Single-mode Passive Fiber Network TAPs

1G/10G/25G/40G/100G | Portable & High Density


Multi-mode Passive Fiber Network TAPs

1G/10G/25G/40G/100G | Portable & High Density


MPO/MTP® Multi-mode Passive Fiber Network TAPs

40G/100G-SR4 or 100G-SR10 | Portable


BiDi Passive Fiber Network TAPs

40G-SR-BiDi | Portable & High Density


Passive Replication Network TAPs

Splits one single-mode, full duplex input to three outputs


2. Copper TAP

Copper Network TAP

10M/100M or 10/100/1000M (1G) | Portable


Copper Modular Network TAP

10/100M and 10/100/1000M (1G) | 1U or 2U Chassis


Military-Grade Industrial Network TAP

10/100/1000M(1G) | Modular Portable Chassis


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