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SYNESIS and Garland Technology Combine for High Speed Data Capture

Portable Packet Capture Without Packet Loss

NEMs, System Integrators, and Service Providers are constantly faced with the lack of useful data for equipment problems at customer sites. Typical troubleshooting configuration data often has to be augmented by Wireshark PCAP files captured at the time of failure. The challenge is not having complete, continuous and reliable PCAP files. Another challenge is with today’s test systems that have a limited amount of data that can be regenerated or are based on synthetic data, which may not produce
the proper conditions that will cause failure in the lab. SYNESIS and Garland Technology offer an integrated solution to this problem via Garland Technology’s portable, high performance network TAPs, that deliver a complete copy of network traffic to the SYNESIS Network Packet Recorder for high speed data packet capture, without sacrificing high fidelity lossless packet capture performance at any Ethernet speed: 1G/10G/40G/100G

Quick Access Visibility

Gain immediate visibility by using Garland Technology’s portable TAPs with the portable SYNESIS, providing a quick access and flexible solution that allows engineering teams access to complete and accurate customer data for troubleshooting. The combined portability, high fidelity capture, and remote accessibility greatly reduces travel cost for personnel and enhances troubleshooting sessions.

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